Time and Labor Management: Staying a Step Ahead to Drive Business Outcomes.

Managing a workforce sounds pretty simple, when in reality it's anything but. You're tasked with boosting productivity and controlling costs, while juggling HR-related compliance. There's no doubt that time & labor management is a complex undertaking — and one misstep can cost you. Is it time to step up your workforce management efforts? Let ADP help you automate and consolidate your systems to improve access to vital workforce data, so you can hit the ground running. We're with you every step of the way!

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If you're not automating your absence management, you're missing out on benefits like…

a 19%

in payroll

a 7%

in unplanned overtime.1

Almost 1/3 of the
workforce regularly works more than 40 hours a week.

20% works more than 50 hours per week — and that adds up.2

The effects of
unplanned absenteeism?

American businesses lose 2.8 billion work days each year
— at a price tag of $74 billion.3

What single step can

a 24% higher employee
engagement rate

and a 50% improvement in

Companies that implement automated scheduling gain a huge advantage when it comes to time & labor management.4

Unplanned employee
absences cause an
11% loss
in manager productivity.

And a 31% loss in productivity with replacement workers.1

Have you calculated your leave liability

Automated workforce management eliminates

1¼ days of unearned leave per employee.5

Time & labor management
investigations find violations at a rate of nearly

The U.S. Department of Labor has recovered more than

What do

of all employment class action lawsuits have in common?

They involve wage and hour claims.7

What are the penalties for incorrect ACA

Minimum Penalty

Maximum Penalty

What is the typical return of an
automated time and attendance solution?

Managers can expect an average savings of

per week.5

Mobile-enabled workforce
is on the rise.

It’s expected
to grow
over 300%
this year.9

More than 80%

of HR professionals
score themselves low
in their ability to analyze data.10


expect to have integrated analytics across multiple systems within the next two years.11

Better Insights, Less Oversight

Effective time & labor management can have a significantly positive impact on your business. And companies struggling to keep pace with daily tasks risk being left in the dust by more savvy competitors. The good news? The latest tools and technologies make it easy to stay on top of compliance — and a step ahead of the competition.

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“We needed a… system that could address local governance and provide us with lower operating costs, consistent service levels and a lower compliance risk profile.”

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Did you know…

Mobile-enabled workforce management is expected to grow over 300% this year?

Did you know…

Automated time & attendance saves 40 minutes per manager each week.